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Shanghai jing 'an district is committed to reduce the threshold of art collection

Date: 2014-12-05

Calligraphy and painting collection of investment, one should know, two to power.Unfortunately, both it and ordinary people.Normal reasoning result is: "look good" investment collection is only part of the people playing "affordable".This is the case, investment collection became a "circle", the "circle".
Let's a logic reverse: don't know, means that gullible;No power, equivalent to risk tolerance is poor.If can effectively improve both the "experience", whether can let more people come to investment collection?
Jing 'an district are search for the answer.Committed to the jing 'an of culture art industry chain system, to support related services to the public art, first of all have to do is put down a threshold - installment payment unconditional value of repurchase, pledge or mortgage, etc.
Happy to buy the rest assured, hidden, and all the earnings forecasts - the people simple investment collection dreams can become a part of life, art investment collection can really achieve "in the people", the industry can be lowered the production of body fluid, sustainable development.
Consumers buy can choose.