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Light Shanghai light source with global influence

Date: 2014-11-08

"This is a great achievement."2012 Nobel laureate in chemistry, a professor at Stanford university bill, said tsinghua university professor YanNing team this year new results published in the journal nature.He said: "to develop drugs for human disease to get such important transport protein structure is very important."This international paper especially to thank the Shanghai light source, because the team come to Shanghai's public experimental platform is Shanghai light source.
Disclosed yesterday, Shanghai light source "five annual report", according to the built in our country so far the largest big science and multidisciplinary research platform, since in 2009 officially open to the users, have apply project 5406, more than 1000 per year on average, involved in the provinces city, Hong Kong and Taiwan more than 1590 group, 1590 experiment personnel, basic user distribution, covering the whole country and has been part of the international users.Open run early, that is, to carry out such a large user experiment, high strength, is also rare in the world.
As the major national scientific research infrastructure and large scientific instruments to an open society, Shanghai light source is formed in the open innovation influence around the world, including members and 973 chief, changjiang scholars, many of the leading scientists, because this was born in zhangjiang, such as the nautilus synchrotron radiation devices came to Shanghai.Using the Shanghai lighting super X-ray machines, photos of small molecules for mankind.In the field of structural biology, Shanghai light changed YanNing device mainly depends on a number of structural biologists ever abroad research situation.Users around for a second consecutive year, Shanghai light source has been applied to the determination of protein structure are more than 330, in more than 130 came out first in the same type beam line and experiment stations.Every other professional fields, Shanghai light source was born results only in the "science" nature "cell" three kinds of international top journals published 37 papers, an important international influence.