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Wisdom hotel accommodations industry, the Internet platform solutions provider, another red

Date: 2018-02-01

The high-speed development of economy drive the rapid growth of business and tourism fast hotel chain with widely distributed, clean, comfortable, higher cost performance advantages, be the first choice of the business travel and ZhongDuanTu travel.To avoid hotel rapid expansion of homogeneity effect, promote the competitiveness of the hotel brand, set up four years of Shanghai another red information technology co., LTD., is committed to small and medium-sized hotel chain management support the software and hardware technology, by connecting the hardware and software and provide the corresponding management services to promote the competitiveness of the hotel, promote the advantage of the integration of resources.On December 15, 2017, and other red contracted hotels exceeded 20000, live more than 9500 home, two index rose 442.86% and 188.56% respectively."We have been committed to become one of the best enterprise accommodation industry's largest service providers, help solve pain points of profit and management of small and medium-sized hotel chain."Another red CEO xiao-ling huang said.

Back in 2017, another red for small and medium-sized hotel chain management techniques and methods, to carry out the corresponding training course, promote the resources integration in the industry.Team winning, it released in May this year another red PMS + three core products, another hongyun PMS + 10 scenarios as well as the ecological planning "amazon", the height of the industry attention;In addition, the other red also won the China hotel association, "2017 outstanding partner" title, on the Internet in the hotel industry summit in China has won two awards;How to play the "red" class of hotel marketing in the form of share with regional customers and partners to realize benign interaction, benchmarking and help the hotel to better use the system profitable.

Connection software, hardware and services for businesses can assign

On May 18, 2017, and other red officially released "three core products and ten scene", around the "originality to reshape cloud PMS, to build the hotel spirit of science and technology" theme, help small and medium-sized hotel chain towards a new era of intelligent management.

In three core product release, and other red respectively according to different form of accommodation to provide integrated services.Standard edition cloud PMS system oriented to small and medium-sized independent hotels, can help them to realize the whole process of self-help management;For hotel chain development chain version of cloud PMS system, provides the central control, mobile channels, marketing strategy and other services;Apartment version of cloud for traditional kinds of accommodation outside the hotel PMS system forms, compatible including apartment rent short, long, whole rent points, centralization or decentralization implementation integration platform owner, real estate, item, the lease, yield, energy consumption, such as spending can realize integration of management.

Another hongyun PMS + 10 scenarios including cloud electronic card house prices, PMS, micro letter wisdom hotel, movement smart rooms, smart door locks realize the scene to open the door, speed invoice, self-service check-in, multiple screen smart TV channels, direct and earnings management.These scenarios almost covers the hotel all the functional requirements, at the same time, the current of the industry's most concerned about intelligent products, as opposed to a hotel PMS cloud system presents a complete system of hotel service.

In the "three core products and ten scene" released the same day, "amazon ecological plan" is also the first release.Another red, founder and CEO xiao-ling huang has described its origins: "when human endless destruction of natural ecological environment, soil erosion, soil desertification, climate warming...No struggle is not natural.Even so, still exist in the amazon this piece of pure land, animals and birds and worms, fragrant flowers are in harmony on the land."Another red and other ecological ideal partners the common pursuit of accommodation industry, expect to establish a "amazon" of accommodation industry, with an open, inclusive, equality and win-win attitude, hold more limitless possibilities.

"Is the result of PMS, beyond the PMS" build wisdom hotel solutions

In the recently held "new technology, big data, new ecology" as the theme of 2017 China's Internet industry summit, xiao-ling huang and kaiyuan group, alibaba flying pigs, science and technology with hotel group, platform, new technology, enterprise management personnel for further discussion.He said, and other red from PMS, is a more than the PMS technology companies.In addition to the PMS business, also started to connect all the hotel software and hardware services, focused on the hospitality industry ecology, industry data management three direction of the business.Its "three core products and ten scene" again cause the extensive concern of the guests, the conference awarded another red "2017 international hotel special-class award of progress prize in science and technology application practice", CEO xiao-ling huang won the "2017 international hotel progress prize in science and technology outstanding figures of the year".

2017 China hotel industry award "international awards, other red won the" China hotel association professional committee of 2017 excellent partner "title.As any other red good customers, super 8 hotel, 99 hotel chains have won the "2017 top ten chain hotel brand" award, another hongyun PMS management system to improve the management quality and comprehensive income.

Super 8 hotel group (China) management has another hongyun PMS system stable operation interface, data security, simple and fluent, it said: "the training process quickly and easily, perfect powerful interface function, which can be connected to all kinds of hotel as a" master key "needed for the service provider, effectively reduce the operation cost of the hotel."

In addition to the software and hardware and docking, and other red original class activities and regional customers, partners, to realize the benign interaction benchmarking.Class has broken the conventional infusion and speech, increase the sense of ritual and interesting.Guests invited industry to participate at the same time, help hotel better use the system to achieve the marketing.Since the first lecture, red class already through 17 cities, interactive time nearly 100 hours, hundreds of hotel industry benefit counterparts.

Another red from an initial small team of 10 people, to the big family of 200 people;From the first client sign up to tens of thousands of hotels successful online cloud PMS system;From rookie in the hospitality industry, to obtain and review the B rounds of strategic investment, on the site in the industry leading position, another red this four years with the beginner's mind is deep accommodation industry, always uphold the accommodations industry, the Internet platform of faith, for merchants to bring more value and benefits, to small and medium-sized hotel chain enterprises truly understand management, to make money.