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Huaihai Mansion Shanghai (Former New Westlake Hotel) is located in Shanghai's bustling South Maoming Road, adjacent to Huaihai Middle Road. It has an excellent location and is prosperous. Shopping or enjoying food is very convenient.

Huaihai Mansion Shanghai (Former New Westlake Hotel) adhering to the internationally popular boutique city hotel concept, is committed to let guests enjoy a quiet and elegant journey in the cement forest city. Different from the scale and modelization of Shanghai's star-rated hotels, the hotel is known for its meticulousness, exquisiteness, exquisiteness, and humanity. From room types, facilities, and services, it shows the quality comparable to high-end private clubs everywhere.

At the same time, personalized guest rooms, home-made functions, butler-style services, and the overall style of Chinese and Western Hebi, all allow you to experience warmth and value-added enjoyment.

The French sycamore weave interspersed with a cool tree shade, the brick red roof of the European-style villa is exposed deep in the small garden, and every window of the old grotto door house seems to be telling the story ... The charm of Shanghai comes from the magical blend of Eastern and Western cultures. .