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MANXIN Shanghai Huaihai Mansion Hotel (Huaihai Mansion Shanghai), Das Hotel befindet sich in der geschäftigen South Maoming Road von Shanghai, neben Huaihai Mittelstrasse. Die Lage ist überlegen, geschäftig, und es ist sehr bequem zu kaufen oder genießen köstliche Speisen.Das Hotel orientiert sich an dem Konzept des internationalen beliebten Boutique Urban Hotels und bietet seinen Gästen eine ruhige und elegante Reise und ein reines Land in der Stadt des Zementwaldes.Anders als die Größe und das Modell der Sterne-Hotels in Shanghai, ist das Hotel berühmt für seine akribische, Delikatesse, Delikatesse und Humanisierung. Vom Zimmertyp, Einrichtungen bis zum Service, zeigt das Hotel die Qualität der überlegenen privaten Clubs überall.Gleichzeitig ermöglichen personalisierte Gästezimmer, hausbasierte Funktionen, Butler-Service und der gesamte Stil der chinesischen und westlichen Wände Ihnen das warme und wertschöpfende Genuss.
Ein kühler Schatten von Bäumen wird durch den französischen Sonnenschirm in der Mitte des Weges gewebt. Das Ziegelrote Dach der Villa im europäischen Stil ist im tiefen Teil des Gartens ausgesetzt. Jedes Fenster des alten Hauses an der Grotte Tür scheint eine Geschichte zu erzählenDer Charme von Shanghai stammt aus der magischen Mischung aus Ost- und Westkulturen.
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  • Julia ironically
    Good location, service attitude is good. but not formal hotel, no Chinese food for lunch. like private clubs. feeling not very convenient.
  • sand08
    Ultra rest,
  • edison_tong
    Which is very nice!
  • berta
    Good, business travel is generally the. easy to clean.
  • alicewang0220
    Really too bad! equipment is old and dirty!
  • e00186595
    Good location, quiet
  • devyn927
    Environment well! good
  • maran320
    Okay, man, traffic is still relatively easy.
  • TonyXu-1118
    Free upgrade to Deluxe Villa rooms great location also very well off Huaihai road 20 metres from the hotel there is but the naozhongqujing very well!
  • lopedou
    A quiet environment, this service is not,
  • deanace
    In a quiet, high cost performance, worthy of visit, it is hard to find
  • e00053395
    Upgrade cottages, also good, has been here before, quiet
  • Justin_gent
    Hotel in a great location, antique, is hard to find in the lobby ... but location is very good, in the heart of Shanghai, Huai Hai road is very lively, dinner is easy. great, facilities are good, the environment is still pretty quiet, line Line 1 South Shanxi road, exit 4th out across the street, eating is easy.
  • downside buckle _
    Free upgrade to double room, cost-effective ultra-high.
  • e05049058
    Environment is very good
  • jingling70
    Very elegant style
  • bsjdong
    Helping corporate customers booking, customers well
  • e02081750
    That's good
  • faiinlove
    Still very good! nice
  • Lynnecat
    Very good?
  • amy_y
    Experience a different hotel, I feel pretty good.
  • jannyfu
    Hotel location is very good, line Line 1 South Shanxi road, exit 4th went out across the road to the. Hotel naozhongqujing, occupancy of a building superior twin room, room was large and facilities is very good, is the shower water temperature is not stable, a bit cold. waiters rarely, during my stay in addition to the main station, I saw a waiter.
  • e00228980
    Location is very good, very nice, very quiet, go out shopping, Metro a few steps to
  • cindyyu123
    The taste of Shanghai, very nice hotel, perfect location
  • M2205174
    Convenient location
  • gg11alai
    Began is hard to find at the entrance to the hotel is really a bit disappointed but wow into the room in shock like style and good spacious reception room is also very good breakfast nice own endlessly the night delicious coffee is freshly ground good hotel location is also very good around the Mall cinemas cateringVery convenient metro station is also very near next to Shanghai will also take into account here
  • Gerneral
    Very good location, surroundings, services were good
  • liang009yu
    Hotel is located in an alley, more elegant decoration, very quiet at night, and value for money. Unfortunately, late-night arrival, length of stay was too short, not to feel.
  • samurai
    Great location, typical of the Mong Kok, with static. will come again.
  • Dixie
    One minute, the location to the subway is superb... is good with nice retro atmosphere. I think we had room with breakfast the next, you want to book.
  • e00163301
    Great location, convenient, walk a few steps on the Huaihai Road, next to the yum and trade. Cai Jia Mao Ming Road is more than 100 meters away, it is too easy. it's not too hard to find, lane not too eye-catching, attention to Alley mouth there's a kiosk. next choose to live here.
  • yoomei627
    Hotel location is very good, line Line 1 South Shanxi road, exit 4th crossing the progress to the alley. installation repair the old Pi o, dry cleans rooms at the feeling is still very quiet and comfortable.
  • doria
    It's not bad
  • gun304
    High cost of hotels!
  • axine
    Compound is spacious furniture is very characteristic, the surrounding is very quiet and very close to the Metro station, very good. is the old facilities, bedside table does not have a power outlet, charging the mobile phone need to be placed elsewhere is not convenient, wireless sporadic on the second floor.
  • caspercliao
    Featured hotel
  • dongdongdog2
    Good location
  • garfield521
    The geographical position is superior, one out is the Line 1 subway line.
  • Cactus
    Nice, simple and quiet
  • carrie_lei
    Also, location is very good. facilities are somewhat stale.
  • livia0602
    Hotel location is very good, line is Line 1 South Shanxi Road station, 4th 100 m place. but more subtle, signs is not obvious, I look for a long time. Refined single stay when booked full, free upgrade to a deluxe room at the front desk. Rooms at the feel good as a whole, there ... is Daking air conditioning set, outlet metal percussion sounds, upstairs downstairs, only sleep when closed.
  • oliverpe
    Big city little love, Lane Hotel. intended is a double bed room, check-in to the surprise, are en-suite and double room. thanks!
  • damefon
    Good location, quiet, Metro 5 min walk, very convenient. breakfast in General.
  • narci
    Helping friend, is said to have good croissants and pastry shops below is pure, no breakfast provided by the hotel.
  • janna515
    I heard it's good
  • saberanita
    Duplex room, very good ... excellent location, in a quiet. disadvantage is that wireless network is very poor, is equal to the No.
  • afeeliu
    Very good
  • bossdeboss
    Upgraded luxury suites, two-bedroom, two-bath for two, with five of my children living for the elderly.
  • digbra
    Hotel in a great location, line Line 1 South Shanxi road, exit 4th went out across the road to the. quiet, rooms at the exquisite single room decoration is very delicate, very quaint feel of China's wind, the room was large, facilities are good, the environment is still pretty quiet, near Huai Hai Lu is very lively, dinner is easy.
  • e02518433
    Nice environment, especially staff very good?